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Een nieuwe keuken was echt nodig, de keukenkastjes vielen uit elkaar en de lichtstraat werd niet goed benut. Door de bovenkastjes weg te halen en open planken te plaatsen zal er meer licht in de keuken komen. De keuken is inmiddels besteld bij Keuken Kampioen, deze zal in mei geplaatst worden. Ik kan niet wachten op de resultaat foto's, hier is alvast het plan.

Den Bosch



WhatsApp Image 2022-02-07 at 17.39.33.jpeg

I had a kitchen that I was really unhappy with, it was old, out of date and dark. The kitchen was the ugliest part of my house. So I decided to ask Lourisa Pels Interior Design for help. Lourisa looked at some ideas, came up with a plan and made a 3D model. I thought that the plan hit the nail on the head of what I wanted. I was impressed how Lourisa took the idea that I had in my head and made it the plan. 


There were no doubts during the interior design process, I only had some doubts about the execution because I had never done a renovation like this before. But Lourisa went to the meeting with the kitchen supplier with me and made sure everything was the way I wanted it. Even after the installation there were some issues she called them up and made sure they would do the job they were supposed to do. 


The result is that I am really happy with my kitchen. My kitchen is the best part of my house now. It is lighter and so warm. Not until the installation of the kitchen I could never imagine that my kitchen could look so good. My kitchen went from the ugliest part of my house to the center piece of my house. It ties everything together. The tiles color matches with my couch and I even have a breakfast bar now.  


After Lourisa came and did the styling for the photos it became even better. Lourisa took out a lot of clutter and I threw away 75% of that, because I realized I didn’t need that. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t have enough space but now the clutter is gone and there is so much space. 


I would definitely recommend Lourisa to others. In my personal experience she did an amazing job. The 3D model gives me so much clarity of the layout and how it would look overall.  I would totally hire Lourisa Pels Interior Design again for my next project upstairs and even when I buy a new house in the future.


Matthew Barney

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